November 15 2013 – Enzo Biochem Announces Study in Leading Scientific Journal Linking Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a Deadly Human Disease with No Effective Treatment Options, to Presence of a Monkey Virus

Enzo Biochem Inc. (NYSE:ENZ) today announced publication of a study in a leading scientific journal Modern Pathology a Nature Publishing Group publication that shows a strong association of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) a pulmonary disease with 100% mortality within five years with the presence of the herpesvirus saimiri virus a virus native to squirrel monkeys. The breakthrough discovery of the IPF’s origin is expected to result in a clinical diagnostic that could lead to screening and diagnosis and perhaps result in potential treatment for this fatal disease.

The publication was authored by scientists from Enzo Biochem Ohio State University the Medical College of Wisconsin and Cornell University. The discovery is the subject of a patent application that is exclusively assigned to Enzo Biochem. “The significance of this discovery beyond providing a reliable marker for screening and diagnosis is the potential for development of new therapeutic strategies and better understanding of the progression of the disease in humans” said Elazar Rabbani study co-author and Chief Executive Officer of Enzo. “This may also translate into a patient’s ability to live with the disease or even be cured if the fibrosis is not too advanced.”

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