January 12 2012 Pacific Therapeutics Ltd. Provides Update on the Development of Lead Drug Candidate PTL-202

Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA, January 12, 2012 /FSC/ – Pacific Therapeutics Ltd.  (PT – CNSX)(the “Issuer”) is a development stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the identification and development of drug candidates to treat diseases of excessive scarring (fibrosis).

Mr. Doug Unwin, President and CEO of the Issuer, is pleased to provide an update on its lead drug candidate PTL-202. PTL-202 is a fixed dose combination of Pentoxifylline and NAC (the “Active Ingredients”). The development of PTL-202 is targeted at pulmonary fibrosis including Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and Bronchiolitis Obliterans (excessive scarring) associated with lung transplant. IPF is responsible for more deaths annually than either prostate or breast cancer.

PTL-202 is currently being formulated as a once a day pill. Identification of potential excipients and grades has been completed to establish the best product profile available for the patient. In addition analytical working methods have been developed for both the Active Ingredients. The analytical working methods were developed using high pressure liquid chromatography.

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